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free strip blackjack,The hose reel system is an instant fire-fighting response device that the common public may employ to limit the spread of the fire.

The hose reel system is an instant fire-fighting response device that the common public may employ to limit the spread of the fire.,virtual poker with friends

play roulette for fun ladbrokes,When this fire-fighting equipment is utilised by someone who is prepared for such situations, it has the potential to save lives and property, including his or her own.

As fire hose reels are more effective than fire extinguishers and fire blankets, they are often positioned in high-traffic areas for easy access.,free pompeii slots

People occupying a building should have easy access to a fire hose reel system. Aside from knowing where fire hoses are located in a structure, such as cabinets, it is also vital to know how to operate the hose reel in the event of a fire.,blackjack bonus no deposit

Inspection procedure

  • Inspection checklist for the Fire Hose reel System:
  • No leakage detected
  • No obstruction of accessibility or visibility
  • Operating instructions on the label are seen legibly
  • No physical damage, corrosion, leakage or clogged nozzles
  • No entanglement or kinking of the hoses
  • Condition of the stop cock/ gate valve/ stop valve is in good working condition
  • Condition of hose reel cabinet, where provided, is in good working condition
  • Fire extinguisher cabinet/ wall hook bracket
  • Service Label by Authorized Companies to proof of servicing of the Fire Hose reel sets.

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  • Fire Hose reel System is tested by
  • servicing the hose reel sets on-site, and
  • running the hose reel pumps to determine under the water flow test requirements
  • Next, defects are identified for recommendation and rectified in a timely manner.

Tips on having an optimum Fire Hose reel System:

  • Ensure that RISER PIPES are properly INDICATED with the water flow directional area.
  • Ensure that RISER PIPES are charged with water supply without leakage.
  • Ensure NO OBSTRUCTION or MISUSE of the FIRE HOSE REEL equipment.
  • Ensure that the FIRE HOSE REEL SYSTEM pass the regulatory tests for the building requirements.
  • Where a fully operational Fire Pump System is available, to check that it can provide the required water pressure throughout the pipes!
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